Another year begins.

The start of a new year is a good time to look at the work that was accomplished over the past year. It is the right time to take stock, and this year will be no exception.

Once again, 2016 has been a busy year for the FCI Office –we owe it to the extensive activities of our members, of their breeders, of the exhibitors, etc. 2016 has been a year of major and remarkable events. A year during which our new premises have been brought to life as we organised a few receptions and hosted the meetings of several Committees or Commissions.

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Y. De Clercq
Executive Director
FCI Youth Booklet: Organising youth activities for youth stands at cynological venues

The FCI Youth has finished the first edition of the Booklet entitled Organising youth activities for youth stands at cynological venues, created to be another reference content for all FCI national canine organisations in the pre-planning and development of activities for youngsters and young adults, at stands organised in public events and a wide variety of canine-related venues. The aim is to provide the necessary ideas and references for all FCI member countries and other organisations that are entitled to plan and develop informative canine-related activities aimed at all dog-loving youths. The main objectives in organising youth activities for canine venues is to provide visitors with educational activities aimed at enhancing responsible ownership, awareness of the principles of safe contact with a dog and animal welfare, information about nationally- and internationally-recognised dog breeds, canine sporting modalities, among other themes of specific choice. Introducing information about dog-related careers for young people and directing them towards further education in the field of their interest; supporting and encouraging knowledge, experience exchange, as well as cooperation among the youth, by gathering young people who share a common interest in canine related-activities. This booklet will soon be published on the FCI website (under the FCI Youth section) and shared through the FCI Youth Facebook page.

Careers and Hobbies with Dogs

The FCI Youth group decided to create another booklet, this time with information concerning several career possibilities and hobbies with dogs. Examples of some dog-related professions and hobbies include: veterinarian, dog behaviour therapist, animal trainer, herding, sledge dogs, hunting, rescue dogs, police dogs, assistance dogs, grooming, judging/evaluating, stewarding, among other career and occupational possibilities with our four-legged friends.

Recommendations and reference contents

Throughout the year, the FCI Youth group will continue to generate official recommendations and contents to be distributed and adapted by national cynological organisations according to their possibilities and planned activities.

During 2017, the group intends to submit the following documents to the FCI Executive Committee and respective FCI Commissions when applicable:

  • FCI Youth Booklet: Careers, hobbies and possibilities with dogs
  • FCI Youth Recommendations for educational activities
  • FCI Youth Recommendations for sporting activities
  • FCI Youth Recommendations for National Junior Handling competitions
  • FCI Youth Regulations for Junior Handling judging courses


The FCI Youth members have been networking with national canine organisations (NCO) members of the FCI within the five FCI Youth-defined geographical areas. Our team encourages FCI NCOs in their foundation of youth groups in their country; we also support their existing youth groups and activities. Recently, two of our group members were present at FCI international events to support and help in the initiation of a youth group. The Real Sociedad Canina de España (RSCE) launched their new Youth Group in Spain and will organise several activities for 2017. Thailand’s NCO also started a youth group with the support of FCI Youth. The contents were translated by Jed Chua, our FCI Youth representative for the FCI Asia and the Pacific Section.

As far as creating a direct link between the FCI Youth and NCOs is concerned, our group will continue to send letters to NCO Presidents - including general information about the FCI Youth, our recent progress - and to invite NCO Presidents to start youth groups under their NCO and to nominate a liaison officer who can represent their NCO’s youth group; the liaison officer is our official contact person for the exchange of information, media topics and reference contents about youth activities in their country, helping to share information through our growing global community of young dog lovers

Social Media

Our group members will keep publishing information on the FCI Youth Facebook page with photos, examples and explanations about each FCI breed group, as well as different cynological modalities supported by FCI regulations. We will also continue to publish information through Facebook with links to documents and recommendations which have been created by our group. The FCI Youth is happy to share images and information about dogs and youth events organised through or with the support of NCOs; therefore if you are interested in learning more, or in sharing information about activities held in your country, please contact us at